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This website was created September 2013 and fully updated March 2016. My other website related to coywolves (also called eastern coyotes), Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research (ECR), is my main website and it describes research on this canid, provides publications related to the study of this amazing animal, and has a Store tab where you can buy my books and some of my pictures.

This website (www.coywolf.org) has a specific purpose of focusing on the hybrid background of the animal which is most commonly called “coyote” or “eastern coyote” in northeastern North America but which I think should be called more appropriately be called “coywolf”. Thus, this website is more concise and focused than my ECR site, even though I do use the coywolf nomenclature on that site as well. Here, I specifically focus on the genetics and morphology of eastern canids and how the “coywolf” is unique. This coywolf.org site will be more static with information not changing on a regular basis in contrast to my Eastern Coyote Research website, especially the Field Updates section.

I hope that this website is helpful to those wanting to learn more about the hybrid background and why ‘coywolf’ is a more appropriate synonym for ‘eastern coyote’. Hopefully this information will also provide more support for people to better appreciate and properly conserve this charismatic and important animal in Northeastern North America.

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